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Coming to Emergence

Friday, July 6, 2007
Cultural alliance

By Nancy Acton

This yellow sculpture, Untitled (six pack), by US artist Bernard Klevikas is one of many artworks in the current 'Atlantic School' exhibition at Masterworks in the Botanical Gardens. The show combines the work of four Bermudian and four US artists, and is the first of a two-phase exhibition, the second of which will be held in New York .
Photos Lesley Rego

The mixed media ‘Atlantic School Invitational’, currently underway at the Masterworks Museum in the Botanical Gardens, is an international exchange show combining four Bermudian artists — Meredith Andrews, James Cooper, Jon Legere and Kate Waters — with four New York City artists — Greg MacAvoy, Liz Sullivan, Noah Post and Bernard Klevickas. Their works embrace sculpture, painting, photography and collage.
The ‘Atlantic School Invitational’ exhibition is inspired by the long-standing dialogue between Bermudian and American artists, and the object is to introduce the current generation of American artists into the Bermudian community in the spirit of past American artists who found peace and inspiration here, Winslow Homer and Georgia O’Keeffe among them, as well as exposing Bermudian artists to the New York City art mega-culture.
For further information see the Bermuda Calendar.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Media Diet - January 12 - January 28, 2007

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Generation: Loss by Jimi Pantalon

Optidontic Chair by Jonathan Phelps

Fun Club Clubhouse by Tessa Greenberg

Experiment in Live Processes #1 by Jared Phelps

Lindsey Graham

Human Being Human (Express) by Patrick Winfield

Cave of Cognizance by Greg MacAvoy

Hill of Mirrors by Phil Moffa

Urban Jungle by Dana Gerolimatos

Untitled by Sarah Lisette Chiesa

Glass Plastic Water 1 by Gerard Sambets

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Translations: Misguided Machines and Cultural Loops, an exhibition of selected works by Digital+Media students @ Rhode Island School of Design is the opening show at Emergence@DUO, a new gallery dedicated to new media and digital works at DUO Multicutural Arts Center. Curated by Christiane Paul.

Closing reception December 3, 2006 3-5 PM

DUO Multicultural Arts Center 62 East 4th Street
(between 2nd Ave and Bowery) East Village, USA
Gallery hours: Thurs - Sat. 1 PM - 6 PM

Photos by Anthony Ruiz

Monica Ong - My Father's Mother (2006)

Bokyung Jun - Drawing Machine 2006

Gideon Webster - Time Machine (2006)

Sarah Renshaw - Marcel Proust (2006)

Naomi Kaly - Ephemeral (2006)

Cristobal Mendoza - Every Word I Saved (2005-06)

Naomi Kaly - Duologue (2006)

Christopher Robbins Misguided Machines (2006)

Ebe Odonkor, John Ewing, Christopher Robbins Ghana Think Tank (2006

Hye Yeon Nam - Self Portrait (2006)